Belly Dance Stories is a year-long multimedia project dedicated to sharing narratives of every-day women whose lives are touched by Raks Sharqi, the Art of Belly Dance. 

Under the guidance and direction of Alexandra Molina and Valerick Molinary, our initiative stands as a distinctive vehicle for women's empowerment, seeking to forge a deeper connection between performers and audiences while fostering compassion and dialogue.

We believe that the art of Belly Dance unlocks deep wisdom within ourselves and empowers us with the confidence to tell our tales. In the theater our artists create powerful and connective performances that will bring chills down your spine, spark joy in your belly, and leave you with an experience you won’t want to miss.

On our podcast you will delve deeper into intriguing conversations about Belly Dance and beyond.

In our Dance Lab, you will learn how to re-invent your artistry and grow like never before. 

We are incredibly grateful and excited to elevate the art of Raks Sharqi. After completing two amazing theater shows, a published book, two podcasts seasons and one four-month long Dance Lab, we welcome 2024 with an invitation for you to bring your dance and stories to the stage!

Past Theater Shows

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