Meet the Directors!

Alexandra Molina and Valerick Molinary


Hello from Alexandra and Valerick! 

How did we come to collaborate on this epic production? Here’s our love story:

We have known each other for many years through the Miami Belly Dance community while working independently on our creative projects. 

Through some fun and casual conversations, we talked about collaborating and sharing the voices of our beautiful students. 

Our formal education in arts and humanities is reflected in our production. Valerick has a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature and Alexandra in Visual Art and Art History. 

We decided to do a different kind of dance production and incorporate creative elements to spotlight the stories of our students and the reasons why they dance. 

We love the power and magic of story-telling. In a way, our production can be compared to a book with every chapter introducing different characters and narratives. 

Are you ready to pick up this book?